SP Paints are developed to meet specific needs and offer unique benefits in their respective applications. 


  • Generic type: single pack
  • Composition: synthetic resin base like stoving paints
  • Wrinkle paints is normal heat-resistant paints
  • Wrinkle effect got after 120-150 temp stove.

Recommended use:

Recommended used in auto engine parts and special effects. Wrinkle paints is a great product and very cool looking. If you are able to achieve the best result possible, it will look very neat on your bike. In my opinion, it looks good on crankcases, valve covers, and other small engine covers like an ignition cover. We are the best wrinkle paint manufacturers in India.
  • Available packing: 1,4,20 LTR
  • Coverage: – 7-8 sq. mtr/ltr
  • Viscosity: – 85+5 sec@30’c
  • Density: – 1.05+.05
  • Stoving  time: – 120’ c one hour  |  150’ c half hours

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Nano fire retardant paints helps that fire does not spread in case of fire in buildings,Fire Retardant Paints and intumescent paints stages and also in factory.Therefore it is one of the most efficient measures to prevent fire spreading rapidly,as it contributes flames and smoke not to spread.Fire retardant paints is essential especially when it comes to residential buildings,since containing fire allows people inside the building to have more time to leave it.
It is important to differentiate fire retardant paints from intumescent paints.The first one avoid the spread of flame,while the second one reacts when there is an increase in temperature in the building by swelling and creating thick layer of foam that insulate the, elements that cover it,containing the fire and preventing it from damaging the structure of the building.
The main characteristics of fire -retardant paints are as follows,
• It reduces flammability and combustion of building materials it coats
• Fire-retardant paints does not prevents fire from occurring but delays the expansion of fires
• There are different types and depending on each types,it can be applied on metal,wood,wall etc
• it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
• It can be applied with spray gun,brush or roller.

Available packing:   1,4,20 LTR

Coverage:  6-7 sq. mtr/ltr

Viscosity:  100+5 sec@30’c

Density:     1.05+.05


Nano coat PP primer is the special primer for improved adhesion of the paints on polypropylene(PP)material such as Polypropylene Bumper, Spoiler, Epdm etc Excellent adhesion properties. High productivity and output. Nano coat PP primer are air drying single pack primers that promote excellent adhesion when top coat with a wide range of finishes, This primer resist redissolving during top coat application resulting inexcellent hold out because they are insoluble or slightly soluble in most solvent used in top coat.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A single component, quick drying, adhesion promoted, chlorinated Polyolefin primer for plastic surfaces.

USES: Plastic Primer is designed to be applied to ‘difficult to stick’ plastic surfaces such as polypropylene, PP/EPDM and TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin) but can also be used on polystyrene, PVC, GRP on items such as vehicle bumpers, chairs, tables, planters etc. Coating these substrates with Plastic Primer will render them overcoatable by a range of coatings.


• Easy to use one component product.

• Excellent adhesion to PP, PP/EPDM and TPO

• Excellent adhesion properties on a variety of substrates

• Excellent intercoat adhesion between primer and topcoat (e.g. polyurethanes)

• Quick Drying

COLOUR: Transparent
Finish-smooth/semi matt
Typically film thickness: 25-50 µ
Theoretically coverage: 5 m²/ltr at 50 µ dft,allow loss factor
Number of spray: 1-2 by spray
Drying time: Touch dry-10 min
Hard dry: 4 hrs


Etch Primers are single pack metal primers formulated with a combination of resins to maximise adhesion to the various metal surfaces on which they may be used. A low level of phosphoric acid is present in these primers to etch the metal surface and improve adhesion. The coatings also contain zinc phosphate anti-corrosion pigment for steel surfaces. An important point to note is that they are formulated with low volume solids so that film builds can be kept low (10 – 15 m).
Base(primer): hardner: 1 : 1
Uses: Galvanize steel, Aluminium, Metal etc


Soft Feel Coating is a special coating, Ultra soft to the touch, it feels like expensive suede or soft leather but offers the toughness as nails performance of an automotive grade two component urethane finish. It can be applied over a wide variety of substrates and basecoats to produce a lustrous full matte finish.

It is used on automotive interiors, expensive furniture, computer peripherals, hair dryers and even aviation dashboards. Soft Feel Coating instantly transforms hard surfaces into sensational new textures that feel like Velvet, Silk or even Rubber. It can be used on door handles & side panels, drawer knobs & pulls, furniture armrests, tool & appliance handles and virtually any surface.

Recommended use:

NANO soft feel coating is valvet like feeling soft touch paints and application by spray ,Its application on mouce ,mobile cover ,keaboard, automotive and consumer electronics market. soft feel is polyurathene based two parts industrial greade material, Soft feel coating is properly mixed with thinner ,if hardner is insufficient ,colour and drying speed will be reduced,physically strength will be reduced a bit,if hardner is over enough,the hardness is two high and loosed its softfeelness, if thinner is insufficient the soft feel will be increase but the paints consumption will be higher which is waste. on the other side if we mixed extra thinner the paints layer will be very thin so loose its soft feel

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