Fast drying, resin based, stipple finish Product Photos Granular Effect paints it’s single pack.
Stipple Finish Powder Paint falls into the liquid paint category but boasts a finish akin to powder coating. This variety of paint is often referred to as “hammer paints” because it is employed in the same applications as hammer finish paints. Stipple Finish Powder Paint is primarily utilized for testing and sampling, making it ideal for coating small panels. Available in a range of sizes, models, and specifications, this paint is in high demand among a diverse customer base. Our supplied paints are meticulously crafted using high-quality ingredients to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Recommended use:

Recommended used in mild steel and cast iron surface. Specially design for steel and cupboard, electric motor, pump, sheet metal Parts etc.also huge used in machinery instead of powder coating.
Available packing: 1,4,20 LTR
Coverage: 8-9 sq. mtr/ltr
Viscosity: 90+5 sec@30’c
Density: 1.15+.05
Drying time: SD-2-5 min
TD-20-30 min
HD-over night

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    The artist skillfully employs a variety of techniques to create a multi-dimensional visual experience. The brushstrokes are dynamic and energetic, adding movement and texture to the composition.