Generic type- single pack It is synthetic resin base paints with different dye mixing.

Recommended use:

Recommended used in wooden furniture, doors, window, wooden clock, gift articles etc. After police wood strainer used for shade reflected and touch wood for high gloss and water proofing.

Available packing: 200,500 ml 1,4,20 LTR
Coverage: 7-8 sq. mtr/ltr
Viscosity: 80+5 sec@30’c
Density: .95+.05
Drying time: SD-60-70 min
TD-4-5 hours
HD-over night

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    Contact Us Today to Enhance Your Painting Journey!
    The artist skillfully employs a variety of techniques to create a multi-dimensional visual experience. The brushstrokes are dynamic and energetic, adding movement and texture to the composition.