Generic type- single pack Composition-fast drying resin based topcoat clearer on pigments Automotive paints consists of a pigments, a binder, a filming agent, a filer additives, Special pigments and solvents

Recommended use:

It is recommended use in automobile industries, machinery and for general purpose where As high gloss, fast drying, water resistance and outdoor extra durability required.

Available packing: 1,5,20 LTR
Coverage: 9-10 sq. mtr/ltr
Viscosity: 85+5 sec@30’c
Density: 1.05+.05
Drying time: SD-5 TO 10 min
TD-30 min
HD-over night

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    The artist skillfully employs a variety of techniques to create a multi-dimensional visual experience. The brushstrokes are dynamic and energetic, adding movement and texture to the composition.